Delft: Simonsstraat

Simonsstraat 113-115-117 in Delft


Rijswijk: Jaagpad

Jaagpad 1 in Rijswijk


Other locations

Other accommodations in Delft



A friendly provider of student accommodation in the Netherlands

CoJo Housing is a friendly provider of student accommodation in the Netherlands and we offer more than 200 rooms in the region of Delft. Since 2010, we have been focussing on buying residences and making them suitable as student houses. We offer good and affordable accommodations for national and international students and we are still growing!
CoJo Housing has 5 locations at Delft and 1 at Rijswijk, only available for students of the Technical University of Delft.
We like our tenants to live pleasantly and feel at home at one of our locations as we believe housing is the main foundation of a fantastic and successful time for every student.

We are very proud that CoJo Housing has partnered with the Technical University of Delft to offer incoming international students help in finding accommodation. At our locations ‘Jaagpad’ and ‘Simonsstraat 113-115-117’ we offer fully furnished housing to more than 120 international students.
30% of the master students at Technical University of Delft and even over 60% of the PhD students are international students. We can honestly say that you will become part of a truly international community at one of our locations especially reserved for international students!
BSc and MSc students are offered a one-year contract for a whole academic year. MSc students may decide to prolong their contract for one extra year.