Available rooms


Welcome by CoJo Housing, let's start with FAQ:

- Ofcourse you can register with your lease agreement by the Municipality
- Yes your room is fully furnished, just bring your clothes and laptop
- Yes booking for a full study year is 12 months and not 11 months or less
- Ofcourse we have WiFi and yes we will give you the password
- No a one person room is not for 2 persons or more…
- Yes we clean the shared facilities like the kitchens, bathrooms etc and no we dont clean your room during your stay
- Ofcourse you clean immediately the kitchen, toilet and showerroom after use
- No we dont have rooms with own toilet or bathrooms and yes you share the kitchen with fellow students
- Yes in the monthly rental price are included all costs and no we dont buy your groceries
- Ofcourse we give a discount on the total sum of rent for a year if you pay it all in advance and yes that discount is 75 euro
- Yes we have public transportation closeby but ofcourse you will buy a bike in Holland
- Yes we will sent you a mail asap and no we cannot garantuee that you will get this room by filling out this form but ofcourse we will sent you a confirmation of your reservation within 72 hours and yes the clock starts ticking after you push SEND

Room 0.5

€ 460 | 17.6 ㎡ | From 25 February 2019 Apply


27.4 ㎡ | From 25 February 2019


€ 530 | 25.2 ㎡ | From 25 February 2019 Apply


From 18 March 2019 Apply



Delft 42 Rijswijk

124 ㎡ | From 21 June 2018